Real Estate Repairs FAQ

What type of repairs do you do? Everything. Really, Everything. We take care of structural, plumbing, electric, HVAC, tile, roofing, wood rot, etc… One call to us takes care of the whole inspection list!


How do you get paid? For pre-closing repairs we offer the option for the seller to pay for repairs out of the proceeds of the sale through the closing attorney. This way, the sellers don’t have to pay any out of pocket pre-closing expenses. If the repairs are not related to a real estate transaction we expect payment in full upon completion of work. In some cases a deposit is required. For the client of a remodel, we set a draw system based on the schedule specified in contract. We prefer accepting checks over credit cards in order to save our clients the 3% processing fee associated with merchant accounts.


Does Real Estate Repairs do inspections? No, this would be a conflict of interest. I have firsthand knowledge of pest control companies that have in-house repair crews who have found deficiencies after the CL-100 inspection, and then written a proposal for thousands of dollars in repairs. The owners called me for a second opinion, and we concluded that the pest control company must have been at the wrong house because there was no damage found in a crawl space, that the owner would never enter.


So how do I get Real Estate Repairs to do the inspection work before my next closing? Call us and we will promptly set an appointment to do a thorough evaluation and cost assessment of the inspection findings. We will then prepare an itemized proposal and upon acceptance, we will schedule the work. We can e-mail all paperwork so it can be forwarded to the closing attorney. Remember, we can take care of everything on the inspection list, CL-100, or repair addendum. There are a hundred things that can go wrong with a house. At Real Estate Repairs, we give you a hundred less things to worry about.


Are you licensed and insured? Yes, we are. Most repair addendums, home inspections, and CL-100 letters recommend repairs or further evaluations be performed by a licensed contractor. We hold Commercial Contractor’s License G 113318 and Residential Homebuilder’s License 10845. We also hold a specialty license in plumbing and electric. We have a two million dollar General Liability Policy with Lloyd’s of London and each of our employees is covered under Workman’s Compensation.


Aren’t you just a remodeler that does repairs when things get slow like all other companies out there? No. We exist as a resource dedicated to helping Real Estate Agents with the repairs needed on their listings prior to closing. Our remodeling division evolved through our existing clients’ desire to continue working with us. The demand for remodeling was a perfect match for Phil’s previous remodeling experience and artistic talents! Our focus and priority is to make sure that both the repairs and remodels are done correctly and on time so you will not have to worry.